It would be awesome if got more buy-in from Penguicon attendees, and we could discover new things to be geeky about, or new people who geek about the things we already geek about. I'm at a loss for how to make that happen.

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@wolfger Part of that is making a stand and saying "This is where I will talk about these particular things". Rather than keep one identity on one platform you creat multiple identities and tell folks where to find that facet. It's not easy but it gives folks a reason to come.

@craigmaloney @wolfger Copy/pasting from another thread, but it's just as relevant here, so whatever: Quick example, at the ASD/Neurodiversity BoF I did, at the end we talked about forming a forum or mailing list or something, but at the time, because I didn't do anything ahead of time, it was just awkward "...I'll see what I can set up and get back to you". This year if/when I do the same thing, I can say "yeah here's my username on, you already have an account". I love that.

@mikeward @craigmaloney @wolfger I've have one identity online for the last 16 years, which is nearly as long as I've been online. Now I have three mastodon accounts! and I'm not sure how to split up usage between them, but trying to consolidate seems like maybe more trouble than it's worth.

@estelendur @craigmaloney @wolfger it's federated, though - you can still choose to use one account here, too.

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