@craigmaloney kind of boggles the mind that Calculator was a sold-separately program. "In case you wanted to do math, but were afraid of using a command prompt."

Michigan State Police announce that they will enforce the law at the next shutdown protest. So... they didn't enforce it at the last 2?


@craigmaloney Pft. Like he takes advice from any source. If he uses an 8-ball, he fires it any time he doesn't like the answer and buys a new one.

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Having fun with masks [COVIE] 

Some would say wearing *any* mask is a political statement. I'm okay with that. I believe this is an Iowa company. There are clever people in Iowa.


@melissasage @RobinHood "The fucking rock" sounds like a very odd and primitive sex toy.

@spottyfox ...and whatever Irish Spring is supposed to smell like.

@craigmaloney I truly intended to show up this time, but the clock got away from me.

17th EC, food, meat, history shitpost 

@RobinHood Is that a martini glass behind him? Is that even period-appropriate? Nevertheless, I think we found the true source of his joy, lemon-chicken be damned.

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17th EC, food, meat, history shitpost 

You may be happy, but are you "17th century man putting lemon on a chicken" happy?

@Louisa @RobinHood Right? You *just* told me that wasn't the password, now you're telling me it is the password?!? Also: LastPass FTW

shagging in space 

@anarchiv I don't think they've sent enough female astronauts up to determine "most effective for reproductive purposes" scientifically. Also: does signing up for NASA make you a sex worker now?

@boisdevache Guardians of the Galaxy getting into pro sports? πŸ˜„

covid-19, military displays, buying a chair for exercise 

@craigmaloney Funny you should say that, since I am in the market for a new chair (well... adjustable bench) for exercise. They're all bloody sold out.

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@alexis LOL. Looks like you put a number 2 everywhere a letter a should be... (My mom always wrote out 2's with a loop at the bottom) πŸ˜‚

This just in: how the fuck did lower-case "A" come to look like "a" in computer fonts (and on typewriters? I don't recall) when literally nobody I know writes it like that? And how did I never notice this before today? Feeling mind-blown.

@anarchiv How did "a" even come to exist in fonts when nobody writes lower-case A like that? (Yeah, I'm calling 21% of the voters liars...)

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